Artists Statement:

I have a curiosity in me to explore the idea of space or lack there of. I visually wonder in what way space varies depending on place and how your surroundings affect perception, feelings or thoughts. I have also gradually been working larger, so far, the largest canvas being over 4'. In the future, I would like to continue to delve into larger formats as well as contrasting small canvases, further enabling the concept of space. ‘…. I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” F.S.F
Anyone can feel disassociated with our society, culture, government, and want to have no definition. The societal norms and expectations of the past are not relatable. We are certainly repeating history, the pattern of shrugging off traditions and creating our own based on the current world we live in……big words but it is all really one simple thought, maybe-what does it mean when your reexamining the already examined past, what do you add, if you need to? Or what do you do. Even so, I do try to explore this disassociation in my work, be it a place, the new relationship a person, space, object,- one has with another. I've moved to new places completely unlike the first place I ever lived, as anywhere is-and the changes can be feel small, but in reality are like a strong, ever present, under-current. These relatively small differences don’t really bother me, as someone who for some reason ebbs with the flow it just kind of fuels my curiosity. This combined with our current political situation-not only in the US, something I dislike even mentioning, and general societal mood is something I feel I and am in, and outside of. My sub-sector of a generation, is considered the lost generation, but I also don’t like to think of people as generations.
Despite these unanswered questions and curiosities that drive my art work, I have spent time in nature and a city equally and find the ability to create from both. Moving to new places, being in new environments, with new people, as well as living in familiar places evolve but don’t sway us from our center. Turning these into visual contemplations are what I explore now. Maybe we are not lost but challenging and challenged, ever changing, but broad and unbounded, within and without.